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Natural Skin Haggis (500g)

Sheridan’s haggis is made using a traditional secret recipe of spices, pig offal, stock, onions, suet & salt.

North of Scotland Haggis Champions. Haggis is traditionally eaten on Burn’s Night the 25th January, but we sell it all year round and served with Neeps and Tatties makes a very satisfying meal.

Minimum weight 500g

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Winner of Scotland's Best Pie Venison & Cranberry Pie

Similar to the steak pie but filled with beautiful wild venison from a local estate. With a delicious rich gravy, juicy cranberries and topped with our very own puff pastry.

Serve with mashed tatties and veg.

Minimum weight 450g

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Sheridan’s White Pudding

Often called Meallie Pudding, every butcher has there own special recipe.

A combination of oatmeal, suet, onions, salt and spices. Traditionally served with mince and tatties or as a delicious stuffing with chicken.

Pack of 2 - minimum wieght 350g

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Beef Olives Stuffed with Oatmeal

Thin sliced topside stuffed with meallie pudding (oatmeal, onions & suet)

Pack of 2 Minimum weight 300g

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Haggis Lasagne

A twist on a traditional Italian dish, this lasagne has layers of haggis, rich sauce and lasagne.

Perfect on its own as a supper or serve with garlic bread.

Minimum weight 450g

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Scotch Pie

Our very own secret butcher recipe for scotch pie. A delicious mix of minced lamb and minced beef with a spicy seasoning.

Can be eaten either hot or cold. Serve hot with mashed tatties or chips and vegetables.

Minimum weight 140g

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Welcome to H M Sheridan LTD

Welcome to H M Sheridan LTD

We are in the process of Upgrading our Website and unfortunately this means some of the images are not available. This will be rectified As Soon as Possible.

Should you have any queries please phone 013397 55218

Our meats

At H M Sheridan beef is purchased from local farms and matured for twenty one days, giving it superb flavour.

Lamb is local black face, heather fed for a unique, rich taste.

Pork is sourced from Aberdeenshire and reared outdoors, thus giving a fuller flavour.

Venison is purchased from local estate. As it is wild there is a very distinctive flavour - venison is also a very healthy lean meat.

Other products

Our sausages are all made using local meat, using our traditional recipes, with a modern twist.

We also offer a wide range of Gluten Free products, across our sausage range and some burgers. Also Gluten Free Haggis and Black Pudding.

Our Championship winning Haggis are all made from local products, to our very own secret recipe. We also offer Vegetarian Haggis, as an alternative.

HM Sheridans pies have won many Championships, and Awards. We pride ourselves on our pies.


We aim to ship all products promptly. However we have recently been made aware by our courier, that certain postcodes are unavailable. Postage is unavailable to all PA, KW, ZE postcodes, and please contact us for varification on IV postcodes as some of these are unavaible too. We sincerely apologuise for inconvenience this may cause, but at this time we cannot offer our internet sales services to these areas.

We can deliver to Northern Ireland for a minimal fee of £20.00.

We can deliver to your door if you live in the Deeside area for a small fee of £5.00. For orders under £50.00 delivery charge will be £10.00, for orders between £50-£100 delivery charge will be £5 and free for orders over £100.00. We deliver to Aberdeen weekly and many areas in between on a daily basis.



Our history

Our history

H M Sheridan began trading in April 1963 with the store a converted garage and the shop a mobile van. Within a few years Michael Sheridan purchased his first shop in the village of Ballater and then in 1979 he purchased the present shop, which has been a butchers for over 120 years and is still going strong.

In 2006 Michael passed away and bequeathed the business to two of his employees, Barry Florence and John Sinclair. They also continue to provide a superb service to customers in the shop and hotel customers within Aberdeenshire.

H M Sheridan were first granted the Royal Warrants of Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Duke of Rothesay in 1987.