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Winner of Scotland's Best Pie Venison & Cranberry Pie

Similar to the steak pie but filled with beautiful wild venison from a local estate. With a delicious rich gravy, juicy cranberries and topped with our very own puff pastry.

Serve with mashed tatties and veg.

Minimum weight 450g

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Winner of Scotlands Best Steak Pie - Steak Pie (large)

Probably the most famous Butcher’s pie that everyone loves.

Succulent diced steak from prime local farms cooked in a rich gravy and onions. Topped with our very own make puff pastry. Serve with mashed tatties and veg.

Minimum weight 850g

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Back Bacon

Scottish Back Bacon is undoubtedly the tastiest bacon you can buy.

The perfect way to start the day nice crispy grilled bacon in a scotch morning roll maybe with a little brown sauce...mmm

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Scotch Pie

Our very own secret butcher recipe for scotch pie. A delicious mix of minced lamb and minced beef with a spicy seasoning.

Can be eaten either hot or cold. Serve hot with mashed tatties or chips and vegetables.

Minimum weight 140g

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Butchers Steak Pie

Butchers Steak Pie

This pie must be the most famous of all butchers pies.

Traditionally cooked diced steak, seasoned and in a rich gravy. Filled into a short crust pastry bottom and topped with a puff pastry lid.

Minimum weight 180g

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Rolled Rib Roast

Fresh from local farms then hung for 14-21 days, this meat is beautiful roasted in the oven.

Minimum weight 1kg

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