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Natural Skin Haggis (500g)

Sheridan’s haggis is made using a traditional secret recipe of spices, pig offal, stock, onions, suet & salt.

North of Scotland Haggis Champions. Haggis is traditionally eaten on Burn’s Night the 25th January, but we sell it all year round and served with Neeps and Tatties makes a very satisfying meal.

Minimum weight 500g

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Winner of Scotland's Best Pie Venison & Cranberry Pie

Similar to the steak pie but filled with beautiful wild venison from a local estate. With a delicious rich gravy, juicy cranberries and topped with our very own puff pastry.

Serve with mashed tatties and veg.

Minimum weight 450g

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Sheridan’s White Pudding

Often called Meallie Pudding, every butcher has there own special recipe.

A combination of oatmeal, suet, onions, salt and spices. Traditionally served with mince and tatties or as a delicious stuffing with chicken.

Pack of 2 - minimum wieght 350g

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Beef Olives Stuffed with Oatmeal

Thin sliced topside stuffed with meallie pudding (oatmeal, onions & suet)

Pack of 2 Minimum weight 300g

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Haggis Lasagne

A twist on a traditional Italian dish, this lasagne has layers of haggis, rich sauce and lasagne.

Perfect on its own as a supper or serve with garlic bread.

Minimum weight 450g

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Scotch Pie

Our very own secret butcher recipe for scotch pie. A delicious mix of minced lamb and minced beef with a spicy seasoning.

Can be eaten either hot or cold. Serve hot with mashed tatties or chips and vegetables.

Minimum weight 140g

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